Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Derringer @ The Rusty Nail, Sunderland MA

Performers: Derringer (the band, with Rick Derringer)
Date: June 22, 1978
Venue: The Rusty Nail, Sunderland MA
Cost of ticket: $4.50

Rick was my sweet thing! I loved this man, he was so powerful vocally, very underrated and his guitar playing was highly rated, he just never really made it into main stream. But I was a true blue fan. This concert was fun for me since I got to see him a small venue with his stellar band of excellent musicians.

This is a great place to talk about a historic and monument venue that is no longer in existence. The Rusty Nail was an old tobacco barn, transformed into a bar and concert hall. It held a good two hundred people when it was packed out, tables, barstools, dance floor. This place is memorable to anyone who had the good fortune to play here. Some of the best shows of my life I saw here - namely X from LA. This was a little bar in the middle of nowhere that was graced by big names in music history. Home of NRBQ!

Did you see this concert? If so, please leave your memories, comments, thoughts and ideas . . .

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